CROSSFIT – Mon, Jun 19

Peak 180 – CROSSFIT


To be done on a 10:00 Clock

:30/:30 minute Overhead Box Opener

:30/:30 minute Diagonal Stretch

10/10 Shin Box Rotations

Once you have completed the above Mobility work, please move into the below General Warm Up:

6 minutes, For Quality:

5/5 Single Kettlebell RDLs, Light Load

5/5 Kettlebell Windmills

5/5 Single Arm Overhead Squat



EMOM x 5 Sets

2 Reps @ 70-75%

EMOM x 4 Sets

2 Reps @ 75-80%

EMOM x 3 Sets

1 Rep @ 85%+

BB Free

EMOM x 5 Sets

10 Russian KB Swings + Max Burpees

EMOM x 4 Sets

5 Burpees + Max Russian KB Swings

EMOM x 3 Sets

10 Russian KB Swings + 5 Burpees + Max Air Squats

Extra Instructions

We do not want any tng sets today on the Snatch. The goal with this is to find a quality set-up position on each and every lift and allow for just a brief 3-5 seconds between each lift on the doubles. When we get to the singles, we want to keep that speed through extension and focus on pressing the ground away. We can stay at 85% across or increase loads on each set if you are feeling up to hit and ready to hit close to 90% today.


Strength Superset (Weight)

Every 2 minutes for 12:00 minutes, Alternating Stations

Station 1:

Back Squat // Goblet Squats (Moderate-Heavy)

3 Reps // 12 Reps

Rest 20 seconds

2 Reps // 9 Reps

Rest 20 seconds

1 Rep // 6 Reps

Load: 75%+ across

Station 2:

Dual Kettlebell or Dumbbell Clean and Jerk

5 Reps (unbroken)

Rest 30 seconds

5 Reps (unbroken)

Load: Choice

Extra Instructions

Strength is definitely the focus today and we are going to be working our way through a good strong superset here. The goal with the Back Squat is to start at 75% and increase to around 85% of 1RM for the day. On the Dual Kettlebell Clean and Jerks keep the weights. As always, Dual Kettlebell Clean and Jerk is assumed from the hang.

Every 2 minutes for 12:00 minutes, Alternating Stations

Station 1:

10 Goblet Squats, Moderate-Heavy + 20 Air Squats

Station 2:

:30 Seated C2 Bike, Damper 10/8

Rest :30

:30 Standing C2 Bike, Damper 8/6

Accessory Work

4 Sets, For Quality

6/6 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

10 Ring Hamstring Curls

15 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions