CROSSFIT – Mon, Oct 23

Peak 180 – CROSSFIT



2 Sets, For Quality

3 Inchworm + Double Push-Up

5 (1 and 1/4) Goblet Squat

10 Alternating Cossack Squats

:15 active hang / :15 passive hang

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Arch Rocks


Power Clean + Front Squat + Thruster (Weight)


Every 2:00, 6 Sets

Power Clean + Pause Front Squat + Thruster

Starting @ 60% of your 1RM Thruster and Build to a technical heavy for the day

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

This will create a bit of an overload for the Thruster today to make the weight feel light when we get into “Fran” the goal today will be to move with purpose. Focus on tension off the floor into a quality front rack position. Then stand up tall before going into the Pause Front Squat where we will hold for 2 sec with tension before standing up, then working on dynamic loading by moving with speed in and out of the hole for the Thruster.

Alternate Variation:

Hang Power Clean + Pause Front Squat + Thruster

Barbell Free:

Every 2:00, 6 Sets

15 Dual Dumbbell Power Cleans

12 Heel Elevated Pause Goblet Squats

9 *Challenging* Dual Dumbbell Strict Press

Row as Active Rest in Remaining Time


Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#
Time Domain / Objective / Stimulus

Goal:: 3:00-7:00 minutes

Time Cap: 10:00 minutes

Primary Objective: Complete in under 5:00 minutes. If you are unable to do so please pick a scaling modification that allows you to do so successfully.

Secondary Objective: Complete all movements in 2 sets or less for each round.

Stimulus: Anaerobic / Muscular Stamina

RPE: 10/10 *Go there today!

Alternate Variations


*only if you have a sub 2:40 Fran


Thrusters 105/75lb,

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Level 2


Thrusters 75/55lb

Jumping Pull-Ups

*Jumping Pull-Up = Bar @ Reach

Level 1


Thrusters 45/35lb

Jumping Pull-Ups

*Jumping Pull-Up = Bar @ Eyes

Masters 55+:




Strict Pull-Ups

Load: 75/55lb



DB Thrusters

Calorie Row

Accessory Work

Optional Accessories

3 Sets, For Quality

10 Feet Elevated Ring Rows

10 Dual DB Zottman Curls

5/5 Dual DB Feet Elevated Split Squat 3030 Tempo

Rest as needed between sets