CROSSFIT – Mon, Sep 25

Peak 180 – CROSSFIT


Warm-Up (3:00-10:00)

2 Sets, For Quality

10 Bootstrap Squats

10 Deep Squat Thoracic Rotations

10/10 Banded Side Steps

10/10 Fire Hydrants

5/5 90/90 Hip Mobility


Back Rack Lunge

Strength (16:00-28:00)

12:00 minute Clock to Complete the Following

Back Rack Reverse Lunges

5/5 @ 90% of 5RM From last week

4/4 @ increased load

3/3 @ increased load

Percentage is based on your 5RM Back Rack Reverse Lunges

Rest as needed between sets

Build up to 75% of 5RM or 65% of 1RM Back Squat


Back Squat

20 Reps @ (65% of 1RM or 75% of 5RM)

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance

Level 2 and Level 3: As prescribed

Barbell Free

Dual Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

3 Sets x 8/8 @ Moderate Load 3030 Tempo


20 Goblet Squats @ 21×1 Tempo, Load that allows correct position and tempo


Andi (Time)

For time:

100 hang power snatches

100 push presses

100 sumo deadlift high pulls

100 front squats

To learn more about Andi click here
Time Cap: 20 minutes

Extra Instructions / Stimulus

The loads are light so grip stamina will be tested, prime and warm up each movement thoroughly. Take short breaks and work your way through the barbell cycling piece. The goal today is to maintain a pace of greater than 20 reps per minute in order to complete this workout under the cap. Expectations are that the Push Press and Front Squats will be done the quickest as the Hang Power Snatch and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls will likely need the most breaks in order to complete this workout.

Goal: 15:00-20:00 minutes

Primary Objective: Best possible time frame

Secondary Objective:

Stimulus: Light barbell cycling / Full Body Conditioning

RPE: 8/10

Alternate Variations

Level 2:

As prescribed

Level 1:

100 hang power snatches

100 push presses

100 sumo deadlift high pulls

100 front squats

Load: 45/35 lb

Masters 55+:

As prescribed


100 Single Dumbbell Hang Snatch

100 Dual Dumbbell Push Press

100 Dual Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

100 Dual Dumbbell Front Squats

Load: Choice

Accessory Work

Recovery / Mobility Protocol (55:00-60:00)


5:00 minute Wall Sit

3:00/3:00 Side Plank

1:00 Extended GHD Supine Hol d