CROSSFIT – Sat, Mar 4


CROSSFIT – Sat, Mar 4

Peak 180 – CROSSFIT


Team Warm-Up: Rowing Golf

For Time, Teams of 3

Row to 1000m

*switch partners every 100m, if partner rows to 97m then both partners must complete 3 burpees before switching and then partner 2 does row to 200m. If partner 2 goes to 205m then both partners must do 5 burpees before switching. This continues until 1000m is met. If you are over or under at 1000m you must complete burpees to finish your workout.

Partners who are not working, move through the following:

2 Rounds

20 Glute Bridges

:20/:20 SL Glute Bridge Hold

2 Wall Walks


“Hotel” (Time)

12 Rounds Alternating w/partner, For Time:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Clean and Push Jerk

6 Front Squats

30/24 Calories Split (Any) b/t Rounds

Load: 135/95lb

Time Domain: 16:00-20:00

Time Cap: 30:00

Primary Objective: Unbroken Barbell Complex

Secondary Objective: Complex complex as fast as possible

RPE: 8/10

Load: 95/65lb


Load: 75/55lb

Solo Version:

6 Rounds For Time:

12 Dual DB Deadlifts

9 Dual DB Hang Power Clean and Push Jerk

6 Dual DB Front Squats

15/12 Calories (Any)