CROSSFIT – Tue, Jan 17

Peak 180 – CROSSFIT


Lower Focused Warm-Up

2 Sets, For Quality

8/8 Single KB Staggered Stance RDL

10 Air Squat

:30 Wall Sit

6-10 BB Strict Press

Front Squat (3 Front Squat + 5 Back Squats @ 80% of Front Squat)

Every 3:00 for 12:00 (4 Sets)

4 Sets, 3 Front Squat + 5 Back Squats

@ 80% of Front Squat across (not building)

BB Free

Every 3:00 for 12:00 (4 Sets)

25’ Walking Lunge*

20 Air Squats*

25’ Walking Lunge*

Max Calorie C2 Bike in Remaining Time

*Load: Choice


“Patton Oswalt” (Weight)

Every 1:15 x 6 Sets


Set 1: 18 Reps

Set 2: 15 Reps

Set 3: 12 Reps

Set 4: 9 Reps

Set 5: 6 Reps

Set 6: 3 Reps

*Sets must be unbroken and from the floor

Score is the total weight lifted over the course of the 6 sets. Add total poundage


As prescribed, from the Rack

BB Free

DB Thruster ladder

Sweat Option – Add Max Cal Row -or- Burpees until the :45 mark after each set
Startoff with a conservative load that can be done for 18 unbroken and then just adding 5-10# per set as you go in order to change weights quickly and be able to stay within the allotted time frame to lift the prescribed reps and load. Every first rep should start with a Squat Clean Thruster into the set of Thrusters.

Accessory Work

Optional Accessories

4 Sets, For Quality

10 Feet Elevated Hamstring Bridges w/2sec pause at ext

8/8 Single DB Seated Press @ 2020 Tempo

:30 Wall Sit Meball Rotations