CROSSFIT – Wed, Nov 22

Peak 180 – CROSSFIT


8:00 minute EMOM

min 1: 40-second Machine Choice

min 2: 12-16 Alternating V-Ups

min 3: 10/10 Single Leg Glute Bridges

min 4: 10 Dead-Bugs



Deadlift (2020 Tempo)

Every 2:00 minutes, 4 Sets

8 Reps @ 60%+

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets

Extra Instructions / Points of Performance


Sumo Deadlift (2020 Tempo)


Dual KB Sumo Deadlift (2020 Tempo)

The prescribed tempo is 2 seconds down, no pause, then 2 seconds to the top, no pause and continue this for the duration of all 8 reps.

The goal today is to increase loads from the last time we tackled the Deadlift. We are moving from 10 reps to 8 reps while also reducing the time under tension for each rep. This should help athletes continue the progression and feel even stronger through the full range of motion.

Barbell Free:

AMRAP x 8:00

4/4 Band to Rig Side Steps

6/6 S.L. Romanian Deadlifts

8/8 S.L. Glute Bridge

10/10 Reverse Lunges

:30 Standing C2 Bike (Damper @10)


“Biscuits and Gravy” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

EMOM, until failure


Toe to Bar

Deadlifts 225/155lb

Time Domain / Objective / Stimulus

The way this one works is that on minute 1 you will complete 1 Toe to Bar, then 1 Deadlift. On minute 2 you will complete 2 Toe to Bar + 2 Deadlifts, and so on for the remaining time.

Cap: Round of 15

Primary Objective: Complete 8+ minutes of this workout

Secondary Objective: Complete all sets of Toe to Bar unbroken

Stimulus: Posterior Chain / Midline Stamina

RPE: 7-9 RPE

Alternate Variations


EMOM, until Failure

10 Toe to Bar + 10 Deadlift 225/155lb

*only choose this option if you think you can make it to the 8:00 minute mark

Level 2:

Alternating Single Leg Toe to Bar

Or K2E/K2C/T2T


Level 1:

Strict Knee Raises or T2R

Deadlift @ 40% of 1RM

Masters 55+:

Toe to Bar



EMOM, until failure

1+1, 2+2, 3+3, etc..

Weighted V-Ups

Dual DB Deadlifts @ Moderate to Heavy Load

Accessory Work

Optional Accessories

12:00 minute EMOM

min 1: 15 Weighted Hip Extensions

min 2: 12 Ring Hamstring Curls

min 3: 15-second GHD Supine Hold