CrossFit Peak Dynamics – Group Class

Part A.

Metcon (No Measure)

4 Sets:

15 Heavy Swings

15 Ring Rows or 8 Strict Pull-ups

*use band but focus on pulling with lats.

Rest 90 seconds


Metcon (Time)

13 min to complete

4 Rounds of:

40 Double Unders

10 Single Arm DB Hang Squat Cleans (50/35)(5/arm)

50′ OH Walking Lunge

10 Deadlifts (185/125)

in remaining time…

Max Cals on any of the following:

Bike (Cals)

Ski (Cals)

Row (Cals)

*First come first serve so obviously it will be a mad dash for the bike!

*Cals will be recorded separately

*On lunge switch arms every 25′

Scale: hang squat cleans w/ 25 Air Squats into front racked single DB lunge

Scale: DL with 15 KB DLs

Metcon (Calories)

Part B

“Cash Out”

Metcon (No Measure)

Ab Finisher

3 Rounds

10-12 Strict Knee Raises with DB between feet (no kip!)

10 Ab Barbell Rollout

10 Parallete Pass throughs

Rest 1 min

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