Friday Benchmark – CPD Triathlon – Year 2

Peak 180 – Peak CrossFit

Throwback to a time when Bryan took his anger out on the gym for not joining him on the ToBay Triathlon….Still bitter ’21


CPD Triathlon (3 Rounds for time)

EMOM x 10 Rounds

1.5/1.2k Row

*At the top each minute perform 8 Wallball (20/14)

EMOM x 10 Rounds

50/40 Cal Bike

*At the top of each minute perform 6 Slamball

EMOM x 10 Rounds

Run 1.2k

*At the top of each minute perform 5 Burpees.

*2 minute rest after each 10 round component. If you finish earlier than 10 rounds, you earn extra rest. Record your time for each component (i.e. 8 rounds plus 15 sec = 8:15)
Run the 100m 12x so you can hear the coach yell for the top of the minute burpees

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