July 4th Partner WOD

Peak 180 – Group Class


Metcon (Time)

Peak 180’s “1776” WOD #2:

1 Round:

800m Run (together)

40 Pull-ups

80 Air Squats

*Split reps evenly, run together

7 Rounds (each):

8 DB Goblet Squat

8 Toes to Bar

*Each partner completes 7 rounds, “You go, I go” for full round

7 Rounds (each):

8 DB Snatch

8 Burpees over DB

*Same concept as above

6 Rounds (as an individuals):

100m Run

5 Burpees

5 Pull-ups

RX+ 5 Burpee BMU’s in final round

RX: 50/35 DB

*Try and finish under 35 min….
*Same workout concept as last year with slightly different movements, but same fun ending where you break off from your partner and gain independence and then eat lots of hot dogs and burgers #Merica

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