Peak 180 – Peak Class Workout


Metcon (Weight)

Tempo Back Squats (week 2)

5 Sets of 3 Reps w/ :03 eccentric.

*Rest 2 minutes between sets
Less reps than last week so you should be able to go slightly heavier. Build each set. Try not to accelerate as you hit the bottom position.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP x 10

10 Power Cleans

60 Double Unders

10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

RX: 135/95


Power Cleans


-Hang Power Clean

-RKB Swings

Double Unders

-2x Single Unders

C2B Pull-ups


-Jumping or Banded

-Ring Rows
Goal: 3+ Rounds

You may choose for singles on the Cleans to avoid grip fatigue

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