Monday (Squat Cycle)

Peak 180 – Group Class

This week we are beginning our squat cycle (tri-phasic training). It is important you make an effort to stick to this cycle as much as possible. The benefit of this type of cycle is only achieved with consistency so that the working muscles and technique adapt from the tempo (time under tension). This program will result in greater strength, mobility and stability in the squat and should help with all your oly lifts as well.

Back Squat (eccentric 3 sec)

Metcon (Weight)

Perform 5 sets of 5 reps using a 3 second eccentric (down phase)

*Building each set. Suggested starting weight around 50% of 1RM
Focus on positioning throughout the movement. Eccentric loading helps to build strength and control throughout the full range of motion.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Min AMRAP:

3 Rounds

6 Thrusters

6 Pull-ups

2 Rounds

9 Thrusters

9 Toes to Bar

1 Round

12 Thrusters

12 Bar Muscle Ups

RX: 95/65


-Knees to Elbow for TTB

-Chest to Bar Pull-ups for BMU

Fitness (alternative to Performance)

Metcon (Time)

1200m Row

100 Air Squats

50 DB Push Press

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