Oly Class


Oly Class

Peak 180 – Peak Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting

Metcon (Weight)


6 Sets

2 Pause Clean Pulls (+Shrug)

-building to moderate/heavy-


1) :02 at 2″ off the floor (initial pull)

2) :02 at the knee

..and then finish with a strong full extension and shrug.
The aim is to keep solid positioning and timing in our pulls. We notice that a lot of the time, athletes tend to pull too early with the arms as well as not quite getting down the timing of the hip extension, shrug and eventually “pull under”.

This drill will help us understand patience and when we should be in certain positions.

Metcon (Weight)


6-8 Sets

Power Clean


Hang Power Clean

-building to a heavy for the day-
Building off of part A, let’s still focus on our positioning and patience here but now at full speed.

The goal is to hold onto the barbell between the Power Clean + Hang Power Clean.

As you build in weight, you will naturally get fatigued, especially when we get to the Hang Power Clean. So we really want to focus on an aggressive hip extension, being patient and thinking about pulling ourselves under the barbell. As opposed to pulling the barbell to our face. This will make more sense when we physically practice it. Don’t worry.