Saturday OLY

Peak 180 – Peak Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting

Metcon (Weight)


Tall Squat Cleans

6 Sets x 3 Reps

-building but keep light to moderate-
Tall Cleans teach us to meet the bar at it’s “highest” point. This doesn’t mean we pull the bar as high as we can. We are focusing on going TO the bar. Jump the bar up and go TO the bar. The heavier the weight gets, the lower we have to receive the bar.

Metcon (Weight)


6-8 Sets:

3 Position Clean(s) + Jerk

So you will complete as follows:

-Hi Hang Squat Clean(Hip/Mid-Thigh)

– Hang Squat Clean(Above the Knee)

– Squat Clean(From the Floor)

-build to a heavy for the day-
The goal is to hold on to the bar all 3 Cleans. After your 3rd clean(from the floor) you will then move into your Jerk. The Jerk can be either Split or Push.

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