Saturday OLY


Saturday OLY

Peak 180 – Peak Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting

Metcon (Weight)


6 Sets x 3 Reps

Snatch Pulls(with shrug)

w/ Pause Above the Knee (:02s)

-building to higher than 100% of 1RM Snatch-
Let’s focus on solid positioning especially in the pause above the knee. After the pause we are going to fully extend our hips (triple extension) and then finish with a shrug. For the shrug, our arms should be relaxed(knuckles down). We will not be doing a high pull, so no bent elbows here!

Metcon (Weight)


6-8 Sets

Snatch + Hang Snatch

-building to a heavy for the day-
Start at a moderate load and let’s really focus on our positioning at full speed now. We want to try to hold onto the bar for both reps ( Snatch+Hang Snatch).