Saturday OLY

Peak 180 – Peak Olympic Lifting


Metcon (Weight)


5-6 Sets:

2 Pausing Clean Pulls

(weight should be at or above your 1RM)

Pauses will be :02 @…

1) 2″ from the floor

2) Below the Knee

3) Above the Knee

…after the 3rd pause you will EXTEND (shrug with straight arms)
We are focusing on hitting positions properly without actually completing the Clean. Stay tight and stay disciplined so you don’t rush the pauses and get out of position.

You are completing 2 reps. Both of them will include the 3 pauses.

Metcon (Weight)


6-8 Sets:

2 Split Jerks

(building to a heavy
Let’s really hone in on a solid vertical dip and drive. And then make sure we drop straight down under the bar and PUNCH!

Timing is key here. Be sure to punch and drive your feet into the ground simultaneously for a stable base in the your landing position.

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