Saturday OLY

Peak 180 – Peak Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting

Metcon (Weight)


6-8 Sets

2 Split/Push Jerks

(building to a heavy)
Although it says “build to a heavy”, don’t go too heavy if you are still working on technique. Regardless, let’s continue to put extra focus on our timing. PUNCH your arms up and DRIVE your feet/heels into the ground in both the Split and Push Jerks.

Metcon (Weight)


1 Pause Squat Clean (:02 at knee)

(drop + reset)

1 Squat Clean

1 Split/Push Jerk

(building to heavy)
Like in previous weeks, we have the pause here again to still focus on positioning and patience in your Cleans. After the first rep (Pause Squat Clean) you will drop the bar, reset, then continue the remainder of the complex. Keep your break (drop and reset) relatively short.

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