Saturday (Team)

Peak 180 – Peak Class Workout

As a reminder, we ask that if you sign up, please avoid late cancellations to allow for the spot to be filled by a member on the waiting list.


Metcon (Time)

In teams of 2:

(12 minute time cap)

Complete a total of 10 Rounds (5 Rounds each) of:

Partner A:

8/6 Cal Bike

8 Plate G2OH (45/35)

8 Plate OH Lunge

*All 3 movements is 1 Round

Partner B:

3-3-3 reps


Clean & Jerks (115/85)

*18 reps is 1 Round

*Partner A completes their Round, then Partner B goes. This happens until each partner completes 5 Rounds.

*Earn your rest, then an additional 4 min rest at minute 12. Partner B switch to the Bike and Partner A to the C&J’s and at Minute 16, the next 10 Rounds to complete begins.

At minute 32…

As partners, complete:

120 Air Squats

60 Burpees

20 V-Ups

*Split reps evenly
Goal: Each partner should complete their rounds under a minute each.

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