Sunday 9/06/20

Peak 180 – Peak Class Workout


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Min 1) 20 Sit-Ups

Min 2) 10 Single Arm Devils Press *5R/5L

Min 3 & 4) Max Calorie Row

-Repeat 5x-


Sit Ups – Reps

Devils Press – Weight

You can approach this workout one of two ways…

1-Push the pace on rower

2-Slow and steady on rower

Which ever stimulus you choose, your goal should be to move well and pace yourself on both sit-ups and devils press. If you find yourself struggling while transitioning from the rower back to sit-ups, leave yourself a few extra seconds to get out of the rower so you can begin the sit-ups at the start of the minute.

*Scoring row calories only*

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