Sunday (Odd Objects)

CrossFit Peak Dynamics – Group Class

Going to mess around with some different style movements today, should be fun and new.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 min AMRAP:

400m run + 1 min Sandbag Hold

right into….

Max Slamball (40/30)

5 min AMRAP:

30 Burpees

10 Double KB Front Rack Squat

right into…..

Max Distance double KB OH Walk (53/35)

5 min AMRAP:

25/20 Cal Row

10 L-Sit Chin-ups

Max distance Barbell Suitcase Carry (95/65)

*3 min rest between each AMRAP
You will go through all 3 AMRAPs before you cycle through each one a second time.

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